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Technology Talent

We are powered by a pool of talented IT and consulting professionals across more than fifteen different technologies including Java Enterprise solutions, Adobe CQ Content management solutions, supply chain management, financial management, client relationship management, business analytics, enterprise reporting , HR and human capital management, enterprise security and administration and web development among other capabilities.

Web Development

The goal of user interface design is mainly to enhance usability and user experience.

Execution of Requirements

Improved usability is dedicated to improving your audiences' online reading experience.

Technology Architecture

Many of the biggest and best software frameworks—like Java EE, Drupal, and Express—were built with this structure in mind, so many of the applications built with them naturally come out in a layered architecture.

Long Term Human Resources

We believe in the mantra that smart technology decisions make good career for consultants and as well for the enterprise. We believe that our biggest asset is our human capital and not the technological advantage. Hence our focus is on dedicated support for our consultants – whether it is training them, staffing them, helping them make better career choices or standing by them.

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